Consulting Services

Litigation Support

We provide support when litigation arises to assist clients in establishing the best financial outcome.

Share Valuation

If you are buying or selling or reorganising a business we can provide advice and the valuation you may need.                                      

Share Option Scheme

We will advise on the reasons for putting options in place and agree rules and values. We deal with approved revenue EMI schemes as well as non approved options.

Group Formation

We can set up a group of companies to maximise the flexibility of businesses to move resources and control risks between entities.

Dispute Resolution

Whether you are in dispute with your business partner or another business or in the unfortunate case of divorce we can help.

Business Structures

We will advise clients on the structure of their business. We deal with all types of entity ranging from sole trader to simple partnership, LLP, company or groups.

Shareholder Agreements

When you hold shares with other people involved, how do you deal with disputes, share profits and exit from such an arrangement? We can help provide the answers.

General Consultancy

We will provide advice on any aspect of business that may be providing management with problems. Generally we can provide a solution or a path to a solution for nearly all situations.

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