Exit Strategy: Adopting a Proper Plan for Selling your Business

The Corporate Finance Network (CFN) is the largest UK network of accountants who specialise in corporate finance for SME’s. The aim of The CFN is to assist their member firms, such as ourselves, to be able to advise owner-managed businesses to grow a well-capitalised business, and encourage business owners to plan for their eventual exit.

The current demographic of business owners is getting older and more will therefore be looking to exit their companies and enjoy a well-earned retirement. Being a member of the CFN has enabled us to extend the number of resources available to us to assist companies with planning exit strategies and selling their business.

What is Exit Planning?

Exit planning refers to the strategic process of preparing and organising a business owner’s departure from their company. It involves creating a strategy that addresses various aspects of the business, such as ownership transfer, financial considerations, and leadership succession.

Why is it important?

The goal of exit planning is to maximize the value of the business and ensure a smooth transition. Having an early eye on the door can help guide decision-making to make sure the business remains attractive to investors.

What do we offer?

Our market-leading Exit Planning Workshop includes a review of the past, current, and projected profitability of the company, the assets owned (including intangible, intellectual property etc) and the way the business is managed. We will also advise on the likely tax implications of any sale and suggest structural changes as necessary.

We will also create an action plan which may take several years to implement. However, we will assist in the project management of this by holding everyone accountable to the agreed timescales. 

If you would like to see our Exit Route Map, discuss your options, or take a quick quiz to see how sellable your business is at the current time, please contact us so we can advise you further.

What is involved in the Business Sale?

Selling a business typically includes several stages from initial preparation to the final completion of the sale. The process on average takes around 6 to 9 months from start to completion. Finding the best time to sell is usually a combination of the financial state of the business, personal circumstances, and general timing within the company’s particular sector.

How do we assist in the sale?

At JWR we assist by reviewing the market and deals databases to create a list of potential buyers. We will create the material which will be used to describe your company and handle all NDAs (non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements) before releasing any information. We will then aid negotiations, introduce you to corporate lawyers, liaise with professionals acting for the purchaser and support you all the way through to the legal completion.

The CFN have a strong track record in successfully aiding members in finding buyers for SME businesses over the past fifteen years. If you have carried out a strong exit planning exercise, we are confident we can support you all the way through to a successful conclusion.

Adopting a Proper Plan for Selling your business

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